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Educator week
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By Dr. Lalit Singh
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Thank you educators!

This week is Educator Week at McGraw Hill, a time all our colleagues have set aside to recognize and celebrate the incredible work being done by the educators to help us unlock our potential as individuals as well as a society.

Educators, besides our parents, play a crucial role in shaping us up into individuals we become in life. This has been an exceptionally challenging year for all of us, including the educators and teachers in our society. We’re grateful to all of them for their resilience and continued commitment to take care of the educational needs of their students, while we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only are they caring for themselves and their families during these tough times, as we all are, but they’re also going that extra mile to support the learning needs of their students with an extraordinary and innovative approach.

I have been fortunate to have been taught by some truly exceptional teachers and coaches over the years, but I would like to call out an especially important one of them today – one who not only was a good teacher but was also a remarkable inspiring force in my life.

This gentleman was my 10th grade English teacher, Mr. Nizamuddin, who pulled me back on track when I had deviated a bit too much. I only vaguely remember his lessons in English grammar, debate and essay writing, but remember very clearly how he challenged me to define my goal in life at a crucial time – a time when I was young, tentative and very susceptible. He, almost thanklessly, helped me introspect and set a goal for myself. His guidance has also helped me in staying focussed in pursuit of my goals in life.

Mr. Nizamuddin was an educator in true sense – he was a good teacher, a great coach and an excellent human being, who helped shape a rash, young boy in me into a confident, hard-working person.

I don’t think I can ever thank Mr. Nizamuddin enough for his contribution in my life, just like I can’t for all the other remarkable educators who have taught, mentored and blessed me!


From all of us at McGraw Hill: THANK YOU!

23 November 2020